Historic Precinct: 2 Camp Crescent Castlemaine, Planning Application

2 Camp Crescent, Castlemaine: Planning Application PA045/2023

September 2023

Planning application of concern.


There is a current planning application before Mt Alexander Shire Council, for a very small subdivision at 2 Camp Crescent (St), and for a permit to build a two storied house on the 261m2 subdivision. This proposed two storied house is on Yandell St and would be opposite Camp House. Camp House at 5 Yandell St, is the former home of the Gold Commissioner Captain John Edward Newell Bull. This house is pivotal within the Government Camp precinct. Camp House holds historic views of the Camp, and is offset to the street. Both Camp House and the Former Military Quarters were built in the 1850s before a street layout was superimposed.

This PA045/2023 proposed building will also back onto the Former Military Quarters at 4 Camp Crescent. The Former Military Quarters VHR H2162 was constructed in 1854 and is significant because it is a rare surviving example of buildings constructed for the administration of law and order and accommodation of the military on the goldfields. It is the only known surviving example of a slab formation building.

This planning permit application, if granted, will allow a new-build to sit higher than other buildings within the precinct. There are no two storied houses in the historic precinct.

The Government Camp historic precinct is protected under the local heritage overlay HO668 ‘Camp Reserve and Environs’.

PA045/2023 has been referred to a heritage advisor.

Objections can be sent to the attention of Callum Murphy, Planner, Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Objections remain open until a Council decision has been reached.

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