Executive Committee

View our executive committee profiles, and our key roles below.


Colin Moore

Nearly eight years resident of Castlemaine.

Downsized from a farm property near Tylden and chose Castlemaine for its historical feel and strong community atmosphere.

Enjoys bushwalking and cycling, member of CFA for 25 years and participates in Parkrun as a volunteer and runner.

Tel: 0428 303 001


Sally Kaptein

Moved from Melbourne to Castlemaine 21 years ago.

Inspired initially by the Castlemaine State Festival.

Likes the diversity of backgrounds and experience in the community
likes tennis and fresh food farmers’ markets.

Interested in Primary and Secondary school education, learning in general and people.

Tel: 0401 662 871


John Lewis

Nine and a half years resident in Castlemaine.

Chose Castlemaine to be near his son and his family.

Enjoys the cultural vitality and surrounding environment.

Likes recreational cycling, native flora and fauna, bush walks, gardening and walking the family dog.

Tel: 0418 316 227


The Society has established four sub-committees

A brief outline of sub-committee activities is listed below.

CASSOC Members are welcome to join the sub-committees to assist in activities.

If you’d like to join a sub-committee, please send an email to:


Membership and Membership administration

Convener Sally Kaptein,
Lou Citroen

Events and Projects

Convener Marli Wallace

Marketing and Communications

Convener Mark Koehne, Barb Ashworth

Planning and Development

Convener Alice Matthiesson

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