Creating Tomorrow’s Heritage Today

Creating Tomorrows Heritage Today

Golden Days
Castlemaine is a great town with a deep and rich history from our First Peoples to Early Settlers
We are fortunate to have many indigenous sites, as well as remnant industrial locations from early days of white settlement. There still exists many examples of cottage-style houses from that time, but more importantly streetscapes with grand homes and public buildings that characterise Castlemaine as a unique historic town. Noteworthy is the planning for infrastructure, for trees and gardens, for sporting ovals and tennis courts, along with water supply and management for the benefit and enjoyment of our community.

Riches for all
We, the community, are the beneficiaries of many past planners and patrons.
The Levinys and Buda, Stuart Stoneman and Castlemaine Art Museum with its extensive collection of paintings and memorabilia from the 1800’s as well as memorabilia from schools hospitals, charitable institutions, public amenities, hotels churches, not least the iconic Market Building saved by those much like us back in the 1960’s.

New Development – Creating Tomorrows Heritage Today.
We should always aim for excellence and long-term sustainability for new developments.
New ‘real’ thinking based on research for today’s challenges is essential.  More trees in built-up areas to moderate summer temperatures, houses with reflective roofs to mitigate the hot house effect, solar energy to replace fossil fuels and reduce cost of living, strategic town planning for growth in areas safe from flood and fire, sensible sustainable and contemporary design thinking that will flex with the changes in our living needs and habits.

The Castlemaine Society Inc was incorporated in 2020 in response to change in our town,
to actively promote good development, to encourage growth that is both sustainable and will make a good fit in the community and the natural environment.
We would like our Council and CEO to drive a planning process that will make Castlemaine match fit for the future; a strategic plan to provide appropriate amenities for housing new residents while respecting the values and concerns of existing residents in making and maintaining a cohesive community.
In simple terms we want good clean intelligent thinking for development of the town.
To be clear CASSOC is pro development that respects the character of the environment, that is flexible and considers the needs of the whole community.

Bryon Cunningham
President Castlemaine Society

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