Planning and Development

Victorian Civil And Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)decisions to note

For example P921/2021 Matthiesson & Others v Mount Alexander Shire Council SC (2022) VCAT 600

The Castlemaine Society aims to provide constructive consultation with Council to ensure sympathetic planning as it relates to the heritage and streetscape of the town. The Society’s primary objective is to maintain a balance between residential, environmental, recreation and commercial interests, and to encourage genuine, effective community consultation with Local Government.

Planning Applications - Green Light/Red Light

Planning and development on the Mount Alexander Shire Council (MASC) Green Light Page

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Frederick Street
Advertising Billboards

(Symbol of flames rising needed or use the red car pic already sent)


Heading Here

The Gold Camp Is Castlemaine
Details of campaign and contact persons – John Lewis and John Carruthers


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